23 December 2008

Scratchbuild Valdor WIP

So, after seeing the new FW Valdor pics (Link to FW) I just had to have one, and so the following pics show you the first hour of work. Why does it have to be christmas, and why does it have to interfere with me building this tank!!! SO, I hope to actually have this done before work starts on the 5th but we'll see what happens.

I'm not really sure how I'm going to build the main gun or the housing for it yet, so I hope to come with ideas, or better yet do any of you have ideas? The tracks and small details are not a problem, and I was thinking of using a pen and maybe hitting up a DIY store but I have wait a few days, darn holidays, and damn the Germans for closing all the stores at 8pm year round. I could be in walmart right now buying what I need, instead I can only dream.


  1. Cool, ideas, the gun could be made out of camera film holders and other tubes.

  2. Not a bad Idea, I was thinking of using some markers or plastic toy parts. But I don’t have access to either (at least not the kind I could find in the states). The camera holder though, I have a few sitting around that could be used.